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Beeginner Beekeeper

Honey Bee Plants

Many people are moved by news of honey bees' decline and they
instinctively want to help. This e-book shows gardeners and beekeepers
how they can help honey bees by providing them with an optimum diet
available for as much of the year as possible to boost their chances of
survival in an ever hostile environment.

The e-book offers the most comprehensive list of UK honey bee plants
currently available.

Buy eBook
find out more

How can I help?

You don't have to be a beekeeper to help honeybees! Potentially your
garden can provide everything they need to live - nectar, pollen,
propolis and water. Find out what they like and why, in this
fascinating book all about the synergy between honeybee and plant.

Why help bees?

Bees have been struggling. In the last 30 years the number of hives in
the UK fell by more than half and wild honeybees are thought to have
been close to extinction. Numbers of many wild bumblebee and solitary
bee species have declined alarmingly too. By creating a forage-rich,
chemical-free environment for bees we can all play a part in helping
return these noble and fascinating insects to health.


Winter bees

Winter trees I realise I've come a long way when I think back to how I
used to worry and fret about how the bees were doing in the depths of
winter. When there's no movement around the hive at all because the
temperature, even in the middle of a sunny day, is too low... Read more

When is a bee not a bee?

When is a bee not a bee? When it's a fly, a hoverfly. This mimic
might look like a honey bee but something's not quite right, it is too
shiny and it hovers. I thought it would be a simple case of
identifying which hoverfly but it turns out there are quite a few
hoverflies... Read more »

New bee hive design

The James Dyson award challenges new designers to come up with
solutions to existing problems. This innovative bee hive design has
taken natural beekeeping principles on board, as the designer puts it:
"Helping reestablish a connection between humans and honeybees based on
more than just honey." I like the material, cork, the shape and the...
Read more »

The in-hive pharmacy

I've written before on the virtues of leaving your honey bees to over
winter on their own honey stores rather than feeding them sugar and now
there is mounting scientific evidence to support the view. Recent
studies by a team from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenburg,
Germany¹ found that nurse bees select different honey according to...
Read more »

A new visitor on oil seed rape

Wandering through a field of rape the other day I was expecting to see
lots of honey bees. It was a bit windy and chilly but the sun was
out. However I saw not a single bee just a veil of black flies
sliding up and down invisible poles, not unlike Mayflies. I had
never... Read more »

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* Neonics affecting pollination of tomatoes
* Are plants sold as 'bee friendly' truly friendly?

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